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Salad Days – Part 4

From France to Greece. We’ve thought about Nicoise salad and now let’s cross the wine dark sea and visit Greece. While there, we’ll have a Greek salad which, for all I know, may be to Greece as Chop Suey is to China. Nevertheless, we’ll have a Greek salad.

Actually, a salad made of tomatoes, purple onion slices, cucumbers, green bell peppers, garnished with feta cheese and big black kalamata olives is of Greek origin. Make sure your vinaigrette is made of good quality olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and oregano. Season it with salt and black pepper and it’s perfect. No lettuce needed, except for the Americanized version. Go ahead and add it. It won’t change the basic lemony, garlicky flavor. Some people add roasted red peppers to the mix. I like them in it and use them quite a lot.

You can make the salad well before dinner then grill a chicken breast at mealtime and presto! There’s your dinner. OK, maybe cut off a nice thick slice of that No Knead Bread you made and grill that too. Brush it with some olive oil. Enjoy.


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