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Our family has favorite Christmas foods that we anticipate each year. As we get together to celebrate the holidays, we share some of the same recipes from year to year with occasional new dishes making an appearance. 

Olive roll-ups (see below), stuffed mushrooms, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli-cauliflower salad always show up at our Christmas Eve feast. It wouldn’t seem right not to have Buche de Noel as we wait for Santa to deliver his treats. We’ve been making it for 30 years, with a few variations from time to time.

Christmas morning we often have a grits souffle that my mother used to fix, along with fried potatoes and onions, sausages and scrambled eggs. What a treat! After that we would waddle into the living room and collapse. 

Share with us some of your family’s traditions.




Olive Roll-Ups (Great make-ahead appetizer)

(Amounts depend on how many appetizers you need. Each slice of ham should give you 4 – 5 roll-ups.)

Boiled Ham or other uniform rectangular shaped thin ham slices

Soft Cream cheese, room temperature

1 t. horseradish or to taste per small container of cream cheese

Green pimento stuffed olives



1. Drain a small jar of olives and dry the olives with towels and set aside.

2. Mix a teaspoon of horseradish into the cream cheese. Stir until spreadable.

3. Dry both sides of a ham slice with towels and lay on cutting board.

4. Spread one side of ham with cream cheese mixture, thinly.

5. Cut ham slice lengthwise into strips, each slightly wider than an olive.

6. Lay an olive at one end of the ham strip and roll it up, securing with a toothpick.

7. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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