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A Well-Stocked Pantry

Behold the pantry in my kitchen. I just cleaned it and reorganized it today and am glad I did. Now I know I can stop buying cans of cannelini beans because I found 4 stashed in the pantry behind various other things. 

I’ve tried to group similar items together although I am constrained somewhat by the size of the items and the height of the shelves. Most tomato products are on the same shelf, as are cans of soup, beans and fruits. I usually can easily find what I’m looking for because the shelves are only seven inches deep. That’s deep enough for about 2 cans.

If pressed, we could survive for a long time on the contents of the pantry. I also have a stash in the basement. When I shop at warehouse clubs and buy cases of food, I keep those in the basement and bring up two or three items at a time to replenish the pantry. I also keep items in the basement that are too large to keep on the pantry shelves or items that are rarely used. I have a Sharpie in the basement for marking the month and year the items were bought so that I can use the oldest products first. If only I could remember to do so! Along with my food in the basement, I have lots of candles and matches and a few cooking utensils, cooking pots and cans of sterno and a spare hand operated can opener.  I have two or three squeeze bottles of alcohol-based hand cleaner in case water isn’t available, and a few gallons of bleach in case available water is questionable. I also have several cases of water in plastic bottles. Paper towels and plates are handy as well.  could survive for weeks in an emergency. Fortunately, I have the extra space in the basement.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not a “survivalist”, just a realist.  It only makes sense to me to keep enough food and other necessities on hand for those times when the power goes out or a blizzard strikes. We had a severe wind storm a few months ago and power was out in many neighborhoods for days or even weeks. Fortunately for us, we were without power for only eight hours. 

Sometimes, instead of going to the grocery, I like to just make a pantry meal. 

Here is a partial list of my kitchen pantry:

Tomato products: canned tomato sauce, puree, whole, diced, and crushed tomatoes, salsa, catsup and chili sauce

Soups: tomato, mushroom, cream of chicken, and lots of broths, beef, chicken and turkey

Fruits: peaches, applesauce, pears, pineapple, cranberries, canned and dried

Vegetables: corn, all types of beans, mushrooms, chilies, olives, pickles and relish

Pasta: all types of pasta, rice, couscous, and noodles

Baking supplies: baking powder and soda, flours, sugars, salt, oatmeal, cornmeal and grits, chocolate chips and coconut

Proteins: canned tuna, ham, “Spam”, chicken, beef, evaporated milk


I hope you all have at least a 3 day supply of the essentials, especially water and any necessary medications. Your life, or at least convenience, could depend on it.

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