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Fairies at Play

100_22321.jpg  I keep forgetting to publish the photos I took last summer of some of the fairies that I found in my yard. I was lucky that they stayed in view long enough for me to get the camera and take the pictures. I suppose they have been around long enough now that they know I am harmless. As long as I know they are about, I can avoid hitting them with a shovel or dropping a mound of topsoil on them. When I need to do some heavy work in the garden, I make sure to make loud  noises so that they have enough time to scatter. 100_2244.jpgI try not to destroy their little hiding places. It’s not easy. They are clever about finding the tiniest places to while away the time. Out of consideration for them, I have provided a few safe places for them just in case I inadvertently ruin one of their abodes. A pot on its side makes a nice cave, safe from the cold wind and rain. Of course, they still must be on the alert for neighborhood cats and hawks and other predatory animals. My dogs are used to them now and the fairies have no fear of them.  100_2238.jpg You will see in one of the pictures that a lady fairy has adopted a bird house for herself. I hope the birds don’t mind.  I found two fairies playing among some petunias and one cute little fairy has made the tipped over pot her home. She let me landscape around it and I think she’s happy.100_2240.jpg For some photos of the fairies in winter look at this post.  

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The summertime fairies have returned to my garden again this year. I sometimes see them flitting about the flowers and shrubbery. Usually them are too shy to let me get a close look, but luckily, I had my camera at the ready and was able to catch this little cutie by the overturned pot I supplied for shelter for them. She looks quite content.

I am going to keep my camera by the backdoor and see how many I can photograph. I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: I was fortunate that I found these two cuties this morning while I was deadheading some flowers. They must be getting used to me because they didn’t run away immediately although they scampered into the underbrush right after I photographed them. They don’t like photographic evidence of their existence, I guess. I wonder how many there are in my garden? 100_2240_3.jpg

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A Frosty Morn and the Fairies Play

      fairies-at-play.jpg This morning dawned foggy.  When the fog lifted, the trees and bushes were covered with glistening ice crystals.  It’s a wonder to behold every time, a fairy-land where the wee folk are bustling under low-hanging branches gathering frozen berries fallen from above. After tending to their chores, they often find time to amuse themselves in the snowy pleasures enjoyed by children everywhere.  Then it’s back to work for them. I am very fortunate that I have a healthy population of “little people” living happily in my yard.  I cannot count them, because they move so quickly and are never in one place for very long.  There may be ten, or twenty, probably not much more than that, but I do have lots of places for them to hide. My dogs have learned to accept them as part of the family and, for the most part, leave them to their work and play.  Sometimes, when the dogs chase rabbits, the fairies get disturbed and their little homes get damaged. But they are more worried about hawks, bluejays, and other large birds, as well as cats, who don’t always know a little person from a mouse. Usually, the fairies come out of their hiding places at night or when no one is around.  This morning I was able to catch them cavorting in the snow and take a photograph of them. Their love of play was greater than their fear of me.  Of course, they know I would never hurt them, but I am quite a bit bigger than they are and I might not always watch where I am walking as carefully as I might.I hope they don’t mind my sharing the photo with you.  They are usually very shy about things like that.snow-on-tulips-and-anna-009.jpg  In the spring, I often see a fairy or two scurrying around the stems of tulips. They especially like the large leaves which easily hide them. snow-on-tulips-and-anna-015.jpg My little dog, Dixie, is still young and she likes to chase the fairies although she never hurts them.  My big dog, Kirby, has a habit of picking up birds and even though he tries not to hurt them, he sometimes does.  So we are careful that he doesn’t find any fairies.Maybe I will be able to catch some more photographs of the fairies in my yard.  It’s easier to find them in the spring, because they take advantage of the warmer temperatures to make repairs to their homes and to work in their gardens.UPDATE:I CAUGHT THEM ON CAMERA AGAIN! See the photos here

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