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With the arrival of summer, the initial abundance of tomatoes inspires us to prepare BLT’s, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. We love to have them with corn on the cob but I’m afraid we have to wait a few more weeks before we can have corn. (Actually, if we don’t get some rain soon, we may not have much corn at all.)

We had our first BLT’s last night. In fact, what we had was BBOTS, a variation named by my daughter and her husband. A BBOT (pronouced bee-bott) consists of Bacon, of course, Basil, Onion (red onion, preferably), and Tomato. I was going to have a BBOAT, avocado slices added to a BBOT, but I had already eaten the avocado. I had two sandwiches, one was a BBORT; I added some romaine lettuce.

I used my no-knead bread which is good on sandwiches, but I prefer the ordinary Pepperidge Farm White Sandwich bread for some sandwiches, namely BLT’s and turkey sandwiches. I usually only buy it one or two times a year. I like its denseness and slight sweetness with turkey. Before I started baking bread, I used grocery store whole wheat bread, usually one of the Pepperidge Farm whole grain varieties. Occasionally, we would treat ourselves to bakery bread, ciabatta or sourdough, usually. For about 50 cents, I can make my own bread which is a fairly good imitation of bakery ciabatta. Of course, it heats up my kitchen and probably causes extra cooling expense in the summer but will feel mighty good this winter.

The bacon I used was thickly sliced from the butcher counter of the grocery. It was OK, but I think I will use thinner sliced bacon as I usually do. Thick bacon was hard to bite into and tended to make the sandwich fall apart. I like Bob Evans’ pepper flavored bacon and will use that next time.

If I could use any bacon in the world, I would use bacon from Oscar’s Adirondack Smoke House. Oscar’s is in Warrensburg, New York. We’ve stopped there on the way to my sister and brother-in-law’s farm in Keene Valley in the Adirondacks . That is great bacon and you can order it online or by phone and have it shipped to your house. We’ve done that and also brought some with us from New York.

But the essential part of BLT’s, BBOT’s or whatever variation is the tomato. The ones we had last night weren’t exactly local. We are in Ohio and the tomatoes were from Grainger County, Tennessee. One of my daughters lives in Tennessee and she often gets Grainger County tomatoes and has told us how good they are. This spring, one of the local farms near us has been selling tomatoes from Grainger County since their own tomatoes aren’t ready yet. We have been enjoying delicious “imported” tomatoes for the last month or so. There is something unusually good about Grainger County’s bounty. This mountain-grown fruit is famous for its thin-skinned juiciness with that old-fashioned tomato taste and surely beats any grocery store offering.

Globe of dripping seediness,
Succulence with acidity,
Makes the long cold tolerable;
Hurry to my table.

Completion with flour and yeast,
Beast and cheese and condiments,
Green leaf romaine for healthful style
Top the mighty edifice.

Till the frost destroys the gift
Winter’s chill and dark of day
Reduce us to a petty state
Waiting Nature’s crimson bounty.

Hope you can find some good tomatoes soon.


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