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After fifteen years of great service, my GE double wall oven died a relatively quiet death. After a day or two of spontaneous beeping, we flipped the circuit breaker and took it off life support. The estimated cost of repair was higher than we thought reasonable and so we purchased a new oven.

We had to wait four weeks for the projected delivery and snafus delayed delivery and installation for another week. What was the worst part of the whole period? Right, no homemade bread. After a year of making bread four times a week, we were reduced to (horrors!) supermarket bread. We supplemented with two loaves of bakery bread to get us over the hump, but my husband especially, the big bread eater, was nearly despondent. The day the oven was installed, a new loaf was ready to bake and fill the house once more with that yeasty, pleasant bread aroma.

There were times when I didn’t use my old oven for a week or two (except for baking bread), but once it was out of commission, all I wanted was to bake, roast, or broil something. Anything. I craved baked potatoes, lasagna, meatloaf, roast chicken, bread (naturally), cake, brownies, casseroles – all things that don’t cook as well in a microwave or on the stovetop.

I became more creative with the gas grill, baking potatoes, roasting foil packets of garlic, spoiling a few things along the way. We basically only use the grill for cooking meat and roasting vegetables now and then. 

Finally, I have my new oven, top half conventional and convection, bottom conventional only. It has six shelves in each unit for a great many positioning options as well as the ability to bake on three cookie sheets at a time. I have yet to try the convection feature. I must do some research and will certainly write more her at Best Room in the House about my trials and errors. 

Go kiss your oven today and don’t take it for granted.

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