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I enjoyed one of my favorite breakfasts this morning – poached egg whites on toast with warm milk and butter.  I know, it sounds rather bland, milquetoasty and all that. But it’s the ultimate comfort breakfast food for me. My mom would fix it for my dad and me occasionally and I love it.

I fix it differently than my mom did. She would heat up milk and a little butter in a cast iron skillet and slip the eggs into the simmering milk and serve the egg on toast with some of the milk drizzled on top. At the time, I hated egg  yolks so I would carefully peel off the whites and give the yolks to my dad or to the dog, if he was around. Now I save the uncooked yolks for pies.

41xysel3qql-1_sl160_aa160_Now, I use my handy-dandy three compartment, nonstick egg poacher which I set into a pan of simmering water. I cover it, set the timer for six minutes, fix my toast, and warm up the milk in the microwave. I cut the toast into triangles, set the eggs on it, and pour over the milk. I add a small pat of butter, a little salt and pepper, and I am in breakfast heaven. Most people think I’m crazy to like this. So, call me crazy.

My husband likes to make pies, especially cream pies. The recipe he uses requires three egg yolks. Because he never makes a meringue topping for his cream pies, I get to have the egg whites for my breakfast the next day. It’s a good symbiotic relationship. However, today, I felt like my poached egg dish and so I would provide the three eggs for his next pie. So, I thought.

I had a little extra time this afternoon and I made a butterscotch pie to surprise him tonight. You can find the recipe here.  

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