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I awoke this morning ready to bake the loaf of bread dough that I had prepared yesterday morning, the one that had been sitting on the counter all day. All it needed was to be formed into a rough ball, and left alone to rise another two hours. Houston, we had a problem. It was a “no go”. It had never risen, not even an inch. It was still a gloppy mess, nowhere near the size of bubbly dough that I was used to seeing after an 18-20 hour no-knead rising. I was buffaloed at first. I figured finally that I must have left out the yeast. Duh. So we had no bread today.What a disappointment. I offered to go buy a loaf of the dreaded grocery bread and my husband said “Yuck. Never mind.”I have another batch of dough, complete with yeast this time, ready to go into the oven tomorrow morning. So help me God, I will never be breadless again.This was the first batch that didn’t work at all. I have made some that we liked more than others. I use a selection of different flours, different additives, etc. Some loaves were slightly under or over-cooked, but each of the “bad” ones was infinitely better than the best grocery store bread. Cheaper, too. Like my daughter said, “It’s not like it’s grocery bread at all. It’s another food group entirely.”You must find a recipe for no-knead bread and try it. (Enter the term “no knead bread” in the search window on the upper right. I have a couple posts about it and one or two contain the recipe. You can also Google it and find way more than you ever needed, or should I say “kneaded”, to know about it.)Believe me, I was a bread baking novice just a few months ago. I have made probably 50-60 loaves since May (that’s about 12 weeks ago). My sister didn’t believe that it was that good but she had plenty of it last week during her visit and loved it. I sent a loaf home with her for her husband to try. He liked it also. It’s easy, very forgiving, unless you forget the yeast, and delicious. I know I keep harping on how good it is, but that’s only to encourage one and all to give it a try. 50 cent. That’s all it costs – that and the cost to heat up your oven to “blazing hot” for over an hour. Just do it (my apologies to Nike).

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