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[UPDATE: I have added lots of photos of the no-knead bread process here.] 

I mixed up dough for two more loaves of bread yesterday and they are nearly ready to pop into the oven or should I say “plop” into the oven. One of the loaves is pretty wet. I guess I put in a few drops too much water. It is hard to handle and refuses to stay in anything resembling a loaf shape. The other loaf is much better behaved. Not so sticky, is containing itself quite nicely in a round “boule” attitude. The dough is supposed to be quite wet. The wetter, the better, but it does make it hard to handle and “plop” into the hot pan without having it stick to the sides. I need to turn the ovens on now. I will keep you posted about the loaves.100_2164.jpg
The “Blob” Prior to “Plopping”

I am using a Corningware oval covered casserole for one loaf and my Mario Batali Dutch ooven for the other, 450 degrees F. for both ovens. I will salt each and coat them with seeds prior to baking.


Update: They are in the oven and baking, covered, for the 30 minutes necessary.

Update: The lids are off for 15 more minutes, or until the tops are nicely browned. They smell great!

Update: Out of the oven and basted with melted butter. Hmmm.100_2168.jpg


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I bought golden/orange cauliflower from a grocery near my house this week. I had read about it and purple cauliflower but never tried them before. These colorful vegetables are natural mutants, not genetically altered by man. The orange cauliflower has an abundance of vitamin A which gives it the extraordinary color that lasts even after cooking. It tastes the same as the white does, maybe a little stronger, but since I like cauliflower, it was fine with me. I fixed a little cheese sauce to go with it. We also had potato salad and BBQ pork ribs.

I stopped at another store on the way home from an appointment to buy real “homemade” storemade potato salad. As I approached the deli, I caught the aroma of something delicious cooking in thekitchen behind the deli counter. I told the deli staff that I had to buy whatever it was that smelled so wonderful, the ribs that they cook every Friday. The employees I spoke with said that they sellout every Friday. I wanted to dig into them right in the car, but, since I bought them for dinner, I took them home and put them in the refrigerator until supper time. They just needed a gently reheating and they were ready for us.

All I had to do for dinner was prepare the cauliflower and cheese sauce, and wash some tomatoes. Pretty easy and not very expensive. The ribs were on sale and the total for them was $5.99. I pay a lot more than that when I buy ribs to cook for the two of us from scratch. The potato salad was $4.66 and we have over half left so the cost of the potato salad was about $2.00. The cost of a handful of cherry tomatoes was negligible. I don’t remember how much the cauliflower was; let’s guess $2.00. The cheese sauce is hard to calculate to let’s just say $1.00, although it had to be less than that (1 T. of butter and flour, 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. cheddar). Anyway, this Friday night meal cost about $11.00. That’s a lot less than going out to dinner on a Friday night. Our regular pizzas cost more, and a typical Friday night out to dinner costs a lot more.

We are going out tonight with friends, Franco and Jeannette. Heading toward Cincinnati for dinner at Jag’s. I’ll review that dinner tomorrow.

One of these days, I’ll get back to the vegetable alphabet. I think we are ready for “K”. Ketchup, anyone?


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