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Last night we had pork tenderloin, candied sweet potatoes, and a green salad with lettuce, arugula and chives from my garden, and roasted fresh beets with blue cheese dressing. Wow! What flavors!

The tenderloin was seasoned with salt and pepper and then browned all over in a Dutch Oven in a tablespoon of butter and one of olive oil. After a few minutes, I added a finely chopped shallot and a large clove of garlic, minced, a large spring of thyme, and a few stems of parsley. I stirred those for a minute or two and then added 1/4 c. red wine to deglaze the pan. I added about 1/2 c. chicken broth, then covered the pan and simmered on low heat for a half hour or so until the pork was done. I let the roast rest on a cutting board for a few minutes and added a tablespoon of heavy cream to the sauce in the pan. After slicing the pork I drizzled a little sauce over it. It was very good.

The house smelled so good all evening and even this morning.

We love roasted beets. They have such a mellow sweetness after roasting. I usually just cut the tops off, wrap the beets in a large piece of heavy foil, close it tightly, and put them in an oven at 375 for an hour or so. You can tell by squeezing one if it is done. Peel them over a sink with a fork to hold the hot beet and be sure to wear an apron and latex gloves because beet juice can really leave a stain. I sliced the beets about a half-hour before we ate to give them a chance to cool down before putting them on the salad.

I planted arugula about 5 years ago and unfortunately, or fortunately, let some of it go to seed. Now I have it popping up all over the yard. Whenever I need some for a recipe or to add to a salad, I just have to wander around the yard for a while until I see some growing where it shouldn’t. I pull up the whole plant and bring it in the house, roots and all. The whole thing gets washed in the sink, dried a little, wrapped in a paper towel and put in a plastic bag, unsealed. It lasts for a week, at least. The pungent, peppery taste adds to any green salad and is also good on a sandwich.

The pork tenderloin was a good purchase yesterday at Sam’s Club. The vacuum sealed package contained 2 whole tenderloins, which is really 4 pieces, more than enough for 4 meals for us. I separated the pieces and froze 3 of them. I always have ingredients in the pantry to make a meal with a tenderloin. Sometimes I pan roast it, sometimes, saute it and finish it in the oven. Sometimes I slice it into medallions and cook them quickly with a pan sauce. I could also cut the tenderloin into cubes for a stew or chili con carne. It is a versatile cut of meat and very easy to incorporate into your go-to list of everyday menu items.


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