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Phoebe is here

Precious Phoebe

Precious Phoebe

Please pardon the lack of recent posts. We were out of town for the birth of our fourth grandchild, Baby Phoebe. She is a beautiful 7 pound 7 ounce baby with perfect face and body. We are very glad to have this precious addition to our family. Her parents and big brother Hank are going to be very busy for a while but they are happy to have her too.

I took my laptop with me on our trip knowing that most hotels have internet connectivity, but I couldn’t keep my mind on blogging. I did find some interesting recipes as I browsed through magazines in the car and in waiting rooms. Perhaps I will be trying one soon and reporting to you about it.

In the meantime, I am baking my second loaf of no-knead bread today. I used a slightly different recipe, one with more yeast and more salt. We’ll see how it turns out. I started another loaf this afternoon and will bake it tomorrow, a tad more yeast than the first batch, but less than today’s loaf. I have ordered some King Arthur artisan bread flour and it should arrive soon and I will try that ASAP.

I bought a used enameled cast iron Dutch oven to use for bread and other things. Today’s loaf is baking in that. We’ll find out the difference in baking in cast iron than in ceramic. Lots of variables make this recipe interesting.

Update: The second loaf also tasted great. I used a different recipe, more yeast, instant instead of dry active, 2 t. salt, a different pot, and higher temperature. The bread spent 18 hours rising instead of 21 for the first loaf. The 480 degree oven today was too hot for the pot I used, an enameled cast iron Mario Batali Dutch oven (I bought it used on the internet for $cheap$). I will lower the heat to 360 degrees next time. The time spent rising wasn’t long enough. I will stick to 20-21. The additional salt was good. The bread tastes livelier, whatever that means. This loaf was a little flatter than the first loaf. All in all, there wasn’t a lot of difference in the two. This reinforces the statement about how forgiving the recipe is.

More later.

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