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This morning I prepared my version of the “Egg McMuffin” from McDonalds, toasted English muffins, thin slice of Canadian bacon, fried egg and a piece of American cheese.  I was a hungry girl this morning and this was perfect.  A veddy, veddy Anglo breakfast, English, Canadian, American, inspired by a “Scottish” restaurant. Okay, that’s a stretch.

I was treated to lunch today for my birthday which is in two days. My two knitting buddies took me to “Mimi’s Cafe”, which is very appropriately named, since my grandchildren call me “Mimi.”  This is the first in our area and has received good reviews. I ordered the Thai chicken rolls which came with a very nice  salad.  By that I mean it was just right for lunch, not one of those huge platters, full of iceberg lettuce and bacon bits. It was red leaf lettuce, maybe a little romaine, with ripe strawberry slices on top. It had a tasty but mild balsamic vinaigrette dressing which didn’t fight with the spicy peanut sauce for the Thai chicken rolls which were wrapped not in rice paper but in a tortilla.  Everything was very good and I will be returning to sample some of their other dishes.

For dinner tonight, we are having a dish with chicken (I guess it’s a chicken day), black beans, corn, green onions, lime juice with brown rice on the side.  It’s a new recipe so I will review it tomorrow and give you the instructions.


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