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 This morning we enjoyed leftover french toast and sausage.  All I needed to do was warm them up on the griddle.  Also, I bought some more juice oranges yesterday so we had more fresh OJ.  I like Tropicana juice from the grocery.  I usually buy the Orange/Tangerine mix with added calcium and vitamin D.  But fresh squeezed is a very special treat. With one blood orange and the rest valencia, the color is absolutely beautiful and the taste is a tad different than straight orange juice.

After my first trip to Florida, over 20 years ago, I tasted fresh squeezed juice, probably not for the first time, but for the first time in many years.  I fell in love with it and asked for a juicer for Christmas the next year.  I use it occasionally when I need a lot of lemon or lime juice, but we have always had trouble finding a ready supply of valencia oranges for juicing.  Regular navel oranges don’t work.  The last two years, we have been able to find a greater variety of oranges in our markets, even the little one in my home town is carrying blood oranges and minneola tangelos (similar to honey bells) along with the usual oranges.  I know this is a seasonal treat, so I plan to take advantage of it as long as I can.  

The photo above shows a blood orange in the foreground and Mineola tangerine behind. The flesh of blood oranges is a dark red color with a distinctive taste.


You can see how pretty the color is and how it would tint orange juice to a lovely coral.

A few weeks ago, I juiced one blood orange and made vinaigrette with it.  I prepared a salad with another blood orange’s sections on salad greens. It was a delicious change from vinaigrette made from lemon juice or vinegar. 

Look for blood oranges in your grocery and squeeze one or two into your regular Tropicana or Minute Maid juice.  You’ll enjoy it.

Happy dining.


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