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Sunday Morning Breakfast

french-toast.jpg     I didn’t provide my posting about a pauper’s supper yesterday as I thought I would. We spent the day running errands,and playing with grandchildren. Mac spent a good bit of the day with laptop open and running, charts spread all over, Blueberry busy. The company he works for is getting ready for a big move to a new building which is being renovated, and he is in charge of getting all the telecommunication/computer/techie stuff installed (and installed correctly). The move is scheduled to begin next weekend and will be accomplished in stages, one group per week for the next month or so. I suspect life for him will be stressful and hectic. Anyway, I didn’t spend much time at the computer(s)yesterday and won’t spend a lot today, either. Monday I’ll try to give my pauper posting.

This morning I fixed french toast. I made enough to reheat for a few mornings this week. I used nearly a whole loaf of french bread, 8 eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, a little sugar, salt, and orange peel. I put the slices in a 9 X 13 pan, poured the egg mixture over them, and let them sit a while to absorb it. In the meantime, I started cooking sausage links, and squeezed six Mineola tangerines (like Honey Bells), and 2 blood oranges which made a very cheerful reddish orange drink. After a while, the sausages went into the oven to keep warm, and I browned the toast slices on a hot griddle, brushed with melted butter. When all the slices were browned, they all went into a hot oven (450 degrees) to puff up like souffles. We feasted like kings with warm maple syrup, which my sister brings me from upstate New York, and butter on the toast, our delicious juice, sausage and hot coffee. I topped it all off with a glass of V8 spiced up with Louisiana brand hot sauce. Great! We won’t need much for lunch, especially since I plan to make lasagne for dinner.

Happy dining,

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