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Lunch for a Prince

bbclunch.jpgAs you can see the young royal is having his English beef and roasted carrots  enhanced with gravy.  The meal appears to be served in a bread bowl.  Saves some washing up, I guess, and probably tastes good as well, sort of a royal sandwich without having to use one’s royal pinkies to eat it.

Our normal lunches are less like the prince’s  royal sandwich and more like the following:

big-ol-sandwich.jpg   mmmmm….. or maybe chicken-salad-sandwich.jpg  mmmmm, or even

 sandwiches-platter.jpg this smorgasbord.  Something for everyone.

Now, that’s more like it.  Gimme a selection and I can graze through sandwiches all day.

But what is better than a nice, hot Reuben, with way too much corned beef, slightly melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, on rye bread with a huge Kosher dill pickle or two or three on the side? Some people, who shall remain nameless, want Russian dressing on a Reuben. I prefer mine without it.

Chicken salad is always popular whether on a plate or on bread.  It’s a safe meal to serve to a gathering of women; in fact it is the first choice for women preparing a lunch for card club or baby showers.  I served it for both my daughters’ baby showers, slightly different versions both times.  (I guess my chicken salads are always slightly different  since I don’t use a recipe but just keep adding ingredients until it looks and tastes right.  Lately I have been adding mango chutney, along with curry powder, and some fruit and nuts along with the requisite chicken, onion, celery, mayo, and lemon juice.)

I always like what used to be referred to as a “Dagwood” sandwich, one popularized in the “Blondie” comic strips.  Dagwood would sneakto the kitchen in the middle of the night and prepare a huge sandwich of 20 or so layers, filled with everything but the kitchen sink. My “Dagwoods” contain meat (ham, turkey, bologna, pastrami, alone or in any combination), cheese (American, Swiss, or provolone), mayonnaise (Hellman’s of course, light is okay – but no Miracle Whip has or ever will grace my refrigerator), occasionally mustard, lettuce,  tomato slices, and hoagy spread (red pepper flakes in vinegar and salt). When I was a kid, I would put potato chips on the sandwich if we didn’t have lettuce, which of course was always iceberg lettuce. (Who even knew there was such a thing as Romaine lettuce?) Now I hardly ever have iceberg lettuce in the house,  sometimes for tacos or if we are retro-ing a blue cheese salad,  a wedge of lettuce and a big dollop of blue cheese dressing. I remember being served wedges of lettuce in the college dorm (in my freshman year, I was in a dorm with a private diningroom and we were served all our meals, except Sunday’s evening meal which was a buffet.) Sometimes the lettuce had blue cheese dressing and sometimes Thousand Island.  

I suppose our lunches should look more like this  salad-plate.jpg, a healthy combination of greens, other veggies, nuts, and a small serving of cheese.

lunch-caprese.jpg This looks pretty darn good, too. We often have this caprese bruschetta as an appetizer in the summer when the tomatoes are fresh and full of flavor.  If I have basil growing, I will occasionally pick some to have with tomatoes and mozzarella on toasted English muffins for lunch in the summer.  We can go through 4 or 5 tomatoes a day, just the two of us and look forward to farmers’ markets selling piles of tomatoes in the summer.

Maybe you might like thisbagelavocadolunch.jpg, a bagel, avocado, tomato, and some cheese.  Looks mighty good to me.  I wonder if a Prince would like it?  This Princess would.

It’s only 9:34 am and I am ready for lunch!  I think I’ll  have chicken salad, or maybe a Reuben, or … a mini “Dagwood”.  That’s it, a “Dagwood”!!!

Tomorrow, we will discuss dinner, supper, whatever you want to call it, it’s the last meal of the day.

Our spaghetti dinner last night was excellent, if I do say so myself.  Tonight, we are going to a friend’s house for a “couples” get-together.  They are forming a group to meet once a month or every other month for whatever, food, games, movies, activities.  We are having our first meeting tonight. It should be fun.  I have to make something to take to the party and I haven’t decided what it will be yet. 

Until next time, happy dining.


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