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Yesterday, Sunday, we decided to have cheeseburgers for dinner. After soup, cheese and crackers for lunch, we were in the mood for red meat. We decided to pay homage to Jimmy Buffet and declare the day a Cheeseburger in Paradise day.

We bought great Black Angus ground chuck at the market. Usually, we mix 1/2 pound of chuck and 1/2 pound of sirloin, add salt and pepper, maybe a dash of Worcestershire, and then make the patties. But for a change we just used the ground chuck with a little salt and pepper mixed in. Maybe we were just hungry for ‘burgers, maybe the ground chuck that day was especially good. I don’t know, but those ‘burgers were great. I swear I could have eaten two of them, and I am not a big fan of hamburgers. Too many were served in my youth, I guess. Mac loves ’em and says he could eat them three times a week. He also says that he could have pizza 3 times a week. Add a steak on the last day and he could be all set.

We backed down from the Paradise part of the meal. If you remember, the lyrics specify “lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potato, big Kosher pickle and a cold draft beer.” Also, it says, “medium rare and mustard’d be nice” and “Heaven on earth with an onion slice.” I had catsup, mustard, dill pickle relish, and lettuce. Mac had relish and Heinz 57. No onions, no tomatoes. I guess we had “Cheeseburgers in Limbo.”

Tonight we are having roast chicken again. When I get home from work, I am going to find a new way of seasoning it, saucing it, or roasting it, for something a little different. It’s hard to beat roast chicken, just plain.

I’ll check in later with the final plans.

Happy dining,

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