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Saturday with More Snow

Wow! More snow. It has been snowing since the wee hours, first huge fluffy flakes, and now tiny ones. We must have about 3 new inches on the ground and the temperature is 32 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. That makes it 32 degrees.

After hearing about the poor people stranded on the interstates in Pennsylvania for ever 24 hours, I am very glad that we aren’t travelling today. It was a good decision to cancel our trip.

Annabelle, Xan and Sam came over for breakfast. I fixed a pound of bacon, and scrambled eggs with toast. For lunch we had 2 cans of Campbells tomato soup; one was a Ranchero soup, with chilies and black beans, and the other was plain old stand-by tomato soup. I mixed them together with one can of water, one can of milk and a dollop of butter.

My mom was a professional cook who made inexpensive lunches once a week for people who worked in the downtown area. She always served soup and a simple sandwich. I always liked her tomato soup better than mine and finally found out what brand and what special additions she used. When she made tomato soup, she used industrial sized cans of Heinz tomato soup. She added butter, milk and cayenne pepper, just a little cayenne, to give it some zip. I always add about a tablespoon of butter to my tomato soup from a can and use milk instead of water.

I have trouble finding Heinz soups anywhere but in the international area, British section, at Meijer. Naturally, such a “luxury” costs double what a can of Campbells does and it is ready-to-heat,so provides about half the soup. Oh well. I make do with Campbells, or make my own. Someday, I’ll give you my tomato soup recipe. I just make it up, really, as I go along, but it always has a few constant ingredients. Tomatoes.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and dill pickles are the requisite additions to the menu. I can’t even imagine eating tomato soup without grilled cheese. It’s a tradition, and not just in our household.

I needed 4 sandwiches, so I used my new nonstick All-Clad griddle that I bought to replace the KitchenAid griddle that I didn’t like. It was heavy but heated unevenly. I have been disappointed in every KitchenAid appliance or piece of cookware that I have, excluding my 35 year old stand mixer. My KitchenAid dishwasher, only about 4 years old, is noisy, doesn’t always drain properly, no longer dries the dishes, sometimes leaks, and has a top shelf that rolls out unbidden to the detriment of glasses stashed there. It is going to be replaced sometime this year. I am through messing with it and refuse to have another repairman in for it.

Dinner tonight will be chicken breasts, probably sauteed, broccoli (yes, again), and some type of potato. Tossed salad with radishes, red lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and red onion will do quite nicely. I have some homemade dressing leftover, nice and garlicky with a drop of white truffle oil to add depth.

I hope you are keeping warm and having a good meal too.

Happy dining,

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